Realtor & Appraiser Policy

Purpose:  To establish procedures to promote the marketing of property at Vaquero while maintaining proper access controls and minimal disruption to the neighborhood. 
  • Although Realtors®, appraisers and prospective owners or members are not permitted unaccompanied access to Vaquero, every effort will be made to provide appropriate access to Realtors®, appraisers and qualified prospective owners or members.
  • Realtors®, appraisers and prospective members or owners may obtain general information concerning, access, property for sale or the community by contacting Jeff Watson at 817-501-1923 or .
  • Realtors® showing a listed home or lot are only allowed access to the specific property with the listing agent or owner.  They may go directly to the home or lot, go directly to any additional appointments and then return to the gate after the last appointment.  Realtors® and appraisers will not be permitted to tour the property nor may they enter the Club without the Club’s permission.  Realtors should also inform their clients that they cannot on their own visit or enter the Club without permission or making an appointment.  Appointments can be made by contacting
  • Lock boxes or key boxes are strictly prohibited.
  • Listing agents for a listing are limited to two authorized agents.
  • No “Open House” functions will be permitted.  Real estate agents with properties listed in Vaquero may, upon receiving prior approval by the HOA, hold “By Invitation Only” Realtor® events or “By Invitation Only” Vaquero Owner and/or Member events.  Depending on the size of the event, extra community access patrol may be required at the expense of the Realtor® or owner.
  • No balloons, yard signs or any other decorations shall be permitted to advertise the subject property.
  • No photographs are permitted without an owner’s permission for a specific property.
  • All listing Realtors® are required to acknowledge receipt of this policy as well as the “For Sale” sign guidelines attached as Appendix A.