Vaquero HOA Management

Vaquero HOA is managed, on site by Shauna Black and Jose Rodriguez with support from Guardian Association Management and
under the guidance of Vaquero HOA's elected Board of Directors.
HOA On-Site Management
Community Director - Shauna Black
Director Of Operations - Jose Rodriguez
The Board consists of seven individuals who are elected by fellow property owners. All HOA Board Members are volunteers and own
property with Vaquero.
Vaquero Board of Directors
President - Joe Messner
Vice President - Kathy Mandal
Treasurer - Mark Miller
Secretary - Jennifer Konz-Alt
Director - Gracie Miller
Director - Randy Roberts
Director - Adam Coffey
Many aspects of managing Vaquero HOA are monitored by committees.  Like the Board members, our resident committee volunteers are also
property owners within Vaquero.
Current Committees:
Design Review Committee
Landscape Committee
Access and Safety Committee
Infrastructure and Reserves Committee